Selected Writing


Essays and articles

Can German Atonement Teach America to Finally Face Slavery? (Narratively, December 2015)

Every Action an Offence: Wolgang Hilbig’s I and Sleep of the Righteous (Times Literary Supplement, November 2015)

Swimming Class (The New Inquiry, July 2015)

Miracle on 214th Street (The New Inquiry, April 2015)

Battling Big Pharma in Berlin: Anti-vaxxers aren’t just an American problem (Medium, February 2015)

White Noir (Paris Review, April 2012)

German Muslims Call Mosque ID Checks Humiliating (Global Post, May 2010)

Divinity School Boys (Nerve, February 2010)

Moscow Dreams: Karl Schlögel’s Terror und Traum (Times Literary Supplement, May 2009)

Geographies of Loss: Recent German novels deal with nostalgia and guilt (Times Literary Supplement, January 2009)



Alois Hotschnig | Ludwig’s Room (Times Literary Supplement, December 2014)

Norbert Schürer | Berlin (Times Literary Supplement, December 2014)

Brian Melican, ed. | Germany: Beyond the Enchanted Forest (Times Literary Supplement, February 2014)

Cake and Death at Cafe Strauss (Slow Travel Berlin, September 2013)

Bernhard Schlink | Summer Lies (Times Literary Supplement, August 2013)

Birgit Vanderbeke | The Mussel Feast (Times Literary Supplement, May 2013)

Herta Müller | Atemschaukel (Times Literary Supplement, November 2009)


Literary translation

The Ghosts of Berlin (story by Sarah Khan, Asymptote, October 2012)




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